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Why do leading clinicians trust MBI's Collagen Matrix?

01 - Highly Purified Type-1 Collagen

– Extracted From Australian Natural bovine tendons

– Exclusive physical cross-linking, no residual agents

– >99% purified Type I Collagen with U.S. patented technology

02 - High biocompatibility! Facilitates tissue regeneration

– 3D porous structure similar to the extracellular matrix (ECM)

– Meet ISO10993 testing standards, ensuring product quality and safety through biocompatibility tests

03 - High porosity for rapid blood absorption

– Absorption rate >25 times!

– The high pore rate helps in quickly absorbing blood, stabilizing blood clots, and aiding in hemostasis.

04 - Degradation time of 6-8 weeks

It’s designed to degrade in 6-8 weeks to match the healing time with controlled degradation properties.

05 - Excellent Clinical Operations

Exceptional Handling Properties

Soft and Easy to cut. Applicable for various wound treatments.

100% Completely Adherence

Prevent wound contamination and promote tissue healing.

Restores within 30 seconds

Provide structural support and promote repair.

Why Choose MBI as Your Partner

Premier biomaterial solution

Discover why our medical-grade collagen stands out as the exact biomaterial you require.

Product development

Having over 25 years of experience in collagen and hyaluronic acid research and development. From initial concept to final commercialization — our expertise translates to your business triumph.

Contract manufacturing

Explore why numerous enterprises rely on MBI’s Collagen Matrix as their preferred manufacturing collaborator. With our medical grade collagen, the biomaterial in your product meets the highest standards.

▌Quality Certifications

Quality Certifications
collagen matrix spec

▌Product Series

膠原蛋白戰鬥頁V2-healiaid collagen plug

HealiAid® (Collagen Plug)

Dental Collagen Wound Dressing

膠原蛋白戰鬥頁V2-healiaid dental collagen wound dressing

HealiAid® (Collagen Sheet)

Dental Collagen Wound Dressing

膠原蛋白戰鬥頁V2-formaaid coallgen membrane


Collagen Membrane

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