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Hyaluronic acid is sold to major medical centers

The difficulty in the research and development of hyaluronic acid lies in the balance between effect maintenance and safety. Hyaluronic acid cross-linking agent plus There are many, the degree of cross-linking is high, and the maintenance time is long, but the risk to human safety is great, and it may even be carcinogenic.

Hekang’s patented technology ECHA breaks through the bottleneck of the market, allowing hyaluronic acid to have both high viscosity and high support At the same time, the residual amount of crosslinking agent is close to zero. Joint injections were therefore approved by National Taiwan University, Rong Zong, etc. Adopted by medical centers, the market share in Taiwan is nearly 30%.

Today, Hekang Biotechnology uses the same hyaluronic acid research and development technology to develop and produce medical beauty hyaluronic acid Products, always adhere to the strict aseptic production of the highest medical material grade standards, with extremely high safety Full quality and excellent performance, an excellent brand choice for medical professionals and consumers!

The Collagen & HA Company

Hyaluronic acid and collagen are very important
components in the body. But with age, the rate of
body loss will gradually Greater than the ability of
newborns. For 24 years, Hekang Biotechnology has
only focused on Research this kind of material, and
commit to adding and improving it with science
human life.



Anti-enzyme degradation characteristics comparable to international brands

Improved injection comfort

The particle size of hyaluronic acid is uniform, and the injection is smooth Improvement, good clinical operability

Particle size

Particle distribution state, similar to R brand shape


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