MBI has announced a strategic alliance with RE Biotech, a subsidiary of Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd. (JBP), marking a significant step in deepening its presence in the international beauty market. JBP, a global leader in placenta extract, grants MBI the authorization to co-develop and manufacture advanced cosmetic medical materials. This collaboration aims to tap into global opportunities in the beauty industry.


JBP, specializing in placenta-based pharmaceuticals since 1956, holds an 80% global market share in placenta injections, making it a renowned expert in the field. RE Biotech, an internal startup within JBP, has developed collagen and stem cell-derived products with strong government support.


The three-year effort to establish this strategic alliance with RE Biotech positions MBI as a leader in the collaboration. The partnership has received high recognition from the JBP Group, injecting new vitality into the international biotechnology beauty industry.


President Cindy Chen emphasized that this alliance underscores MBI’s excellent product quality and outstanding position in medical material research and development. With one party providing raw materials and the other handling manufacturing, the collaboration establishes a cooperative ecosystem for cosmetic medical materials.