After joining the TCI Biotechnology Alliance, MBI (1783), it started the synergy of integrated bioscience design trading company, leveraging TCI’s channels to 63 countries in the world to drive the internationalization of collagen and hyaluronic acid medical device business opportunities. MBI has successfully expanded globally. Currently, it has already shown achievements in the China, United States, Europe, and other markets.

Today, June 21, is MBI’s shareholders’ meeting. General Manager of MBI, Ching-Ting Chen said, “MBI is actively expanding its sales team and utilizing the international network of TCI and has recently obtained marketing licenses in Indonesia, Malaysia and India. MBI’s medical device product quality is highly recognized by international customers and is expected to perform well in global development.”

The overall progress in the European market is the successful cooperation with a major medical device channel in Turkey to launch MBI’s intra-articular injections in the European market and the signing of a long-term contract to expand the distribution network.

Turkey, located at the border of Europe, Asia and Africa, has always been an important location for global brands to enter the European and Asian markets. MBI has partnered with a major medical device distributor located in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. With their mature PRP autologous platelet hyperplasia therapy technology, the customer will provide a full range of joint care and assisted regenerative medicine in Europe and neighboring countries through MBI’s high-quality hyaluronic acid intra-articular injections and health foods developed by MBI.

After joining TCI’s integrated bioscience design trading company, MBI has been skillfully using TCI’s channels to 63 countries in the world to aggressively enter the international market. This year, the company expects to obtain medical device licenses from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates in the Middle Eastern market. In addition, the company expects to officially export to the 3 major markets in the Middle East in 2023, adding at least 3 more export countries to the world next year.

In regards to the industry’s medical device injections, as well as developing brand joint health food business sales, there will be a considerable increase in export and international business opportunities. TCI said that the Taiwan Biotechnology Alliance is an international platform for biotechnology specialization. More and more competent biotechnology companies in various fields such as health care, cosmetics, pet-related in Taiwan will join the alliance to expand the global market and create the world’s first biotechnology alliance.