MBI participated in the selection of the 19th annual National Brand Yushan Award and was awarded the “Outstanding Enterprise” of the 19th annual National Brand Yushan Award by the jury. MBI is one of the most internationally competitive medical device company. In addition, MBI is the only biotech company to receive this award and master the key to technologies of various medical grade collagen and hyaluronic acid. 
The National Brand Yushan Award is organized by the Republic of China National Enterprise Competitiveness Development Association to recognize companies that emphasize service quality and R&D innovation; showcasing Taiwan’s cultural connotation; promoting the development of industries in Taiwan; strengthening brands; increasing Taiwan’s international recognition; thus, promoting the competitiveness of national industries. MBI has recently been solidifying its competitiveness through proactive strategies and organizational transformation, while strengthening its ESG (environmental protection, social responsibility, and corporate governance) plan to pursue corporate sustainability. 
Other than specializing in hyaluronic acid and collagen, MBI also focuses on increasing precision manufacturing and automation capabilities. In addition to gaining more recognition and trust from customers with integrated services such as high-quality, high-capacity, and prompt delivery, MBI is also constantly seeking technological breakthroughs and refinements to expand globally. The goal is to not only become a leading brand in the connected industry, but also establish a model brand for the Chinese. Through international sales channels, MBI provides CDMO services, high-quality and professional technology. At the same time, MBI is actively expanding the scale of revenue, developing the global market, and fulfilling corporate social responsibility to optimize the company’s value and become the most reliable and professional partner with comprehensive solutions for our customers.