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The Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid Company

Our Global Business

With a global sales footprint of 22 countries and 500 organizations, reaching more than 4.1 billion people, we are committed to creating the most complete medical device sales network globally, bringing professional medical devices and quality assurance to more people.


Innovating Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid Since 1998

Since 1998, we have specialized in researching and developing collagen and hyaluronic acid. We have 49 papers and product certifications in three major countries - CE, FDA, NMPA, and MDSAP - representing our outstanding achievements and ongoing commitment to material R&D.


2 times FDA Inspections with Zero Deficiency in 14 years

Our quality system, which we take great pride in, is highly recognized by US FDA. Over the past 14 years, we underwent two strict factory inspections and performed exceptionally well each time, achieving a zero-defect record. You can trust MBI's medical device products with confidence.


Providing Professional Sales Resources for Rapid Market Expansion

Interested in becoming our distributor? Don’t worry, we provide complete sales resources and support, including product operation videos, to help you promote our products easily. Whether it’s for physicians or nursing staff, they can easily understand our medical devices.

TCI Group

We joined the TCI Group in 2021, which covers health food, medical devices, genetic testing, daily products, and pet health food. With the concept of “creating an integrated bioscience design trading company,” we are committed to expanding various upstream and downstream areas of life, health, and consumption to form a dense network.

Welcome Distributor Partners

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