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Joyful Workplace

Joyful Workplace

Benefit System

MBI highly values each employee and fully understands that caring for the health and welfare of colleagues is both a responsibility and a goal of the enterprise. The Company has introduced many related benefit measures to protect its employees’ physical and mental health.


1. Comprehensive Benefit System
• Labor Insurance: Per the Labor Insurance Act.
• National health insurance: Per the National Health Insurance Act.
• Information equipment subsidy: According to the rank, the Company subsidizes employees to purchase computers, tablets, and other information equipment.


2. Health Promotion Program
• Group and employment injury insurance: Group and life insurance, accident insurance, injury and medical coverage, hospitalization medicare, and employment injury insurance are taken out to provide complete protection for employees and families.
• MBI provides on-site occupational health services, providing employees with health hazard assessments and recommendations.


3. Flexible Work System
• The Company promotes flexible working hours, giving colleagues the freedom to choose their working hours and the option of working from home to accommodate the different needs of employees and enhance job satisfaction and quality of life.


4. Professional Training and Development Opportunities
• The Company provides diverse training and development programs to enhance the professionalism of employees, motivate colleagues to keep improving, and cultivate more leaders for the Company’s development.
• In addition, MBI has set up a subsidy system for employees to further their education, encouraging them to request elective studies and continue to learn and solve problems. Upon application approval, the Company provides tuition subsidies.


5. Employee Recognition and Rewards
• Employee bonus: If there is any surplus in the annual accounts after paying taxes and making up for losses in previous years, the percentage of employee bonus for the current year will be determined and approved by the Board of Directors and submitted to the shareholders’ meeting for recognition.
• Employee stock options: To attract talented people to join and retain employees with development potential and jointly create benefits for the Company and its shareholders, employee stock options are issued per the “Regulations for Issuance and Stock Purchase of Employee Stock Options” after approval by the Board of Directors.
• i1783 virtual stock: 1783 is the stock code of MBI in Taiwan. The Company has set up i1783 virtual stock as a bonus or employee reward mechanism.
• Annual festival bonus: A fixed bonus is paid to each employee for the Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Chinese New Year, and the bonus amount is adjusted according to the Company’s operation.
• MBI Star: The Company selects the ‘MBI Star’ each quarter, awarding a fixed amount of TCI Coins and presenting an honorary certificate. The ‘MBI Star among Stars’ is also chosen annually, with a fixed bonus awarded during the year-end party.


6. Family-friendly Policy
• MBI offers flexible maternity and paternity leave policies to support employees in balancing their careers and family lives.
• Childcare subsidy application: The Company provides an annual subsidy of NT$6,000 for employees’ preschool-aged children.
• Children’s scholarship program: The Company offers scholarships for the outstanding academic performance of employees’ children in elementary school and above.


7. Social events and team building
• Organize occasional TCI Coin events to increase employee interaction, communication, and cooperation and build Company culture.
• TCI coin and employee purchase: The TCI coin is MBI’s virtual currency. The coin’s value is 1:1 with the Taiwan dollar, and the value rewarded is based on the personnel’s rank, seniority, and exceptional performance. TCI coins can be used for employee purchases and participation in activities held by the Administration Service Center, such as Michelin gourmet feasts, VIP movie exclusive events, yacht cruises……, etc.



Retirement System and Implementation Status

MBI handles retirement-related matters in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act. The old system is only applicable to a very small number of long-term employees. Most employees adopt new pension schemes stipulated in the Labor Pension Act based on which each employee’s 6% of monthly salary is paid to a special pension account for individual workers, which complies with statutory retirement protection.


• For retirement benefits, the standards for years of service before and after the application of the Labor Standards Act are based on Articles 84-2 and 55 of the Labor Standards Act.

• According to the ‘Labor Pension Act,’ an employee can choose to continue applying the pension provisions of the ‘Labor Standards Act’ or retain the work seniority before applying the Labor Pension Act. The pension shall be paid in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

• For employees who are subject to the “Labor Standards Act” retirement pension schemes and are forced to retire per Article 35, Paragraph 1 (2), whose loss of mind or physical disability caused by the performance of their duties, the pension shall be increased by 20% according to the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

• For employees subject to the pension provisions of the “Labor Pension Act,” the Company contributes 6% of their monthly wages to their individual pension accounts.


Employee Evaluations and Career Development Assistance

• Employee evaluation method: The Company conducts employee performance evaluations twice a year and uses the results for rewards and penalties, promotions, and job reassignments. Performance evaluations adopt a two-way communication approach. Employees present their work performance and achievements through self-evaluation. During the evaluation interview with their supervisor, they understand the supervisor’s feedback on their performance. This also allows supervisors to better understand their colleagues’ thoughts, feelings, work attitudes, and potential. This process aims to motivate morale and serve as a reference for training and planning employee career development.


• Continuing education policy for employed staff: To encourage lifelong learning among employees, enrich professional knowledge, enhance professional skills and humanistic literacy, and improve service quality and performance, the Company provides various channels for all employees to pursue further education.


• Upon request, all full-time employees will be able to participate in on-the-job education and training programs with the Company’s support, stating the topic of the training, the relevance of the training method to the profession, and the benefits of the training to improve future work performance. The Company also follows a succession plan for critical senior management and arranges employees for on-the-job training in business management-related courses.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Measures, Complaints, and Disciplinary Measures

MBI commits to providing a working and service environment free from sexual harassment to its employees, job applicants, and service recipients. To protect the rights and privacy of those involved, safeguard gender equality in employment, prevent sexual harassment, eliminate gender discrimination, and promote substantive gender equality, the Company establishes a complaint channel, measures, and complaint procedures for sexual harassment in accordance with the Act of Gender Equality in Employment, Sexual Harassment Prevention Act, and Regulations for Establishing Measures of Prevention, Correction, Complaint and Punishment of Sexual Harassment at Workplace, promulgated by the Ministry of Labor, and have it publically disclosed.
TCI Group Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention and Control Measures for Prevention, Complaints, and Disciplinary Measures
(Attachment_Written Statement on the prohibition of workplace violence in the workplace)

Employee Health-related Prevention Policy

The Company has established on-site occupational health services and offers employees the following health assistance:

1. Participate in formulating, planning, promoting, and implementing the Worker Health Service Program.

2. Identify and assess health hazard factors and risks to workers.

3. Based on the risk assessment results, provide written notification of risks, health education, guidance, work adjustments, or job changes as appropriate work assessment and recommendations.