MBI’s HealiAid® Dental Collagen Wound Dressing has officially received US FDA 510K clearance! This marks a significant milestone, not only breaking through in the existing field of surgical applications but also successfully expanding into the dental domain, entering the U.S. market, and providing customers with a new choice for various clinical applications.

Why choose MBI’s HealiAid?

  • Utilizes bovine tendons from non-epidemic regions in Australia as raw material
  • With U.S. manufacturing process patented purification technology
  • Made from highly purified Type I collagen
  • Preserves the original fibers of collagen.


MBI will actively collaborate with U.S. customers, assisting in cultivating local markets. With advantage of FDA 510K clearance, we plan to expedite certification processes in other countries, expand our global sales network, and help customers gain a competitive edge in local markets, swiftly entering the sales phase.